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Starting from its foundation in 1982, Erol Teknik is a well-established company and has been serving since in many sub-branches of the construction industry. With 400 employees and 125 marketing-shipping vehicles, Erol Teknik is delivering more than 1700 different products to its customers on 11.000 different points in Turkey and in Romania. As one of the leading companies in Turkey, Erol Teknik is contributing to Turkey’s economy with its 10 branches and its export. Keeping growing healthily, stably and rapidly, Erol Teknik steps into a large-scale, high-end market of international high standards has built a comprehensive and professional sales network, providing our customers with the best pre-sale and after-sale services. Erol Teknik products have been well-accepted by market with the great consideration of high quality. Our company is operating and producing by complying with the TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) and ISO 9001 quality standards and norms. Customers satisfaction is always our first priority. Investments Erol Teknik has 3 different production facilities which cover 12.000 m2 fields at neighborhood of Şekerpınar in Kocaeli province. The facilities closed area is 3 floors and covers 16.000 m2 in total. Products that we manufacture at our facilities; - PVC Curtain Rails - Curtain Rod and Bars - PVC Curtain Rail and Equipment - Wood Rustic and Equipment - Metal Drywall Corner Profiles In Tuzla Leather Industry Zone, our sanitaryware production facility, in the land of 4.600m2 production and 3.400m2 storage areas, has the production capacity of 360,000 sanitaryware and is contributing to the market power. Our sanitaryware production complies with the TSE Quality Standards (Turkish Standard Institute). We always offer the best quality to our customers. Sanitaryware Products; - Toilet - Reservoir - Sink - Sink Leg - Urinals and Partition - Toilet block Also, the bathroom cabinet production facility, in the land of 2.000m2 production and 750m2 storage areas, is working with annual production capacity of 35,000 bathroom cabinets. Our goal is to raise our product range to 5,300 units by the end of 2016 which will boost our brand trading volume as well. Our Brands Erol Teknik, with registered of 12 distinct brands, is serving in many building materials groups such as hardware, sanitary ware, fixtures, bathroom accessories, paints, bathroom furniture, insulation materials, adhesive products. Aqua Blue Under the brand of Aqua Blue, Erol Teknik is serving in large product range such as toilet bowls, flush tanks, sinks, urinals, toilet block in toilet group; fittings, connections, bathroom equipment and shower sets in water group; hotel series products and bathroom mirror sets in chrome bathroom accessories group. Bigmaster The brand serves in the hardware group such as hand tools, keys, master and measuring materials, safety-related products, building materials, drill and hammer bits, guns, tapes, garden supplies and many more hardware groups within the products, as well as the field of exterior mesh. Tuarek Tuarek brand is an eco-group (economic group) within the overall brands of Erol Teknik. Brand was first established in 2004 and serves in the interior and exterior plastic paint and ceiling paint, galvanized ladder up to 6 steps, toilet bowls, flush tanks, sinks, urinals, toilet block, fixtures, chrome accessories and hardware product line. Ordina Ordina, with the luxury and affordable product range, serves in quality oriented bathroom furniture. Tülray Established in 1993, the brand has PVC curtain rails and side apparatus which are called in public language by the name of cornice. Flamingo The brand serves a wide range of paint products such as interior and exterior paint products in oil and plastic paint, ceiling paint, synthetic dyes and silic



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